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Grado – GR8e

Disclaimer: Grado sent this GR8e for the purposes of this review. I paid nothing but UPS bribes. It goes for $299. You can find…

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Washing Your Grado Bowls

The bowls are crucial to soundstaging and sound positioning. As they get older, they get softer and they place the driver closer to your ear. As a result, sound is more congested and more frontal. Some people also wash the bowls as they get dirty, and this also makes the bowls very soft and again you get congested and more frontal sound. If you can live with those effects, you can wash your bowls when they are new to soften it and makes it more comfortable on your ears.

This is how you wash the bowls:

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Grado RS1 and Alessandro MS-Pro

The Grado RS1 and the Alessandro MS-Pro share so much similarities in outward appearance, and upon brief listening sessions, many people can’t distinguish the difference in their sound.

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Grado HF2

The HF2 has a very smooth and liquid sound. It’s like listening to a smooth vacuum tube amp (although we were using a solid-state Beta22 amplifier). Although the MS-Pro has a smooth sound, the HF2 is even smoother. No other Grado sounds like it; not the HP1000, not the RS1, and definitely not the GS1000.

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